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Craig Harmon

Graphic Designer | Creative Director | Production Manager

Since its foundation in 2003, MPower Creative has been translating challenging concepts and messages into clear, creative and dynamic visual communications. 

With previous employers as well as my own business, I've worked closely with marketing, PR, printing, design and photography teams to conceptualize, estimate, schedule, track, produce and deliver solutions varying from vehicle wraps to 400-page publications, to logos, t-shirt designs and web sites.  I’m experienced with project and vendor management, as well as billing and shipping processes. I thrive on the progress of orchestrating and overseeing all the steps, techniques and processes yielding high-quality work, a rewarded team, and satisfied/successful clients.


I thoroughly enjoy all facets of the design and production industry – working with creative teams, getting the plans & numbers together, tracking data, statistics and reporting, exploring new techniques/technology and moving through steps to completion within or under budget. I’m a very efficient multi-tasker with strengths of communication, organization, creative problem solving, and attention to detail.

Need help developing a new project or transforming a challenged one? Contact me and let's discuss a solution that will fit both your needs, and your customers'.

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